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Drug & Substance Misuse 



Most addiction is based in genetics – you didn’t pick addiction, addiction picked you! 15% of people have a genetically different response to opiates, and most patients are in this category. As well, many comorbidities such as anxiety disorder, depression, nicotine dependence, and alcohol dependence need to be addressed in helping our patients to recover and lead healthy, happy lives. Remember, this is not your “fault”, and at Winchester Recovery we actively work to help you eliminate the stigma and negativity surrounding this condition.

There has long been a negative stigma associated with drug misuse and addiction. While advances in therapy and medical research have changed the way we talk about the disease of addiction, millions of Americans try drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or heroin for the first time each year, and a large percentage are unable to stop without help.

Finding help for drug addiction often begins with understanding what it is, how it impacts people, and what signs and symptoms to look for. By understanding the impact substances have on the body, you can make better decisions for yourself and loved ones who may be struggling with drug addiction.

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