About Us

Winchester Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center located in the heart of Winchester, Virginia.


We provide patients with exceptional integrated medical care, delivered by world-class physicians, DATA 2000 waivered at the highest level permitted by law. Our elite team of Physicians, Public Health Professionals, and Health Care Personnel are dedicated to critical issues facing our patients.

Our overarching philosophy and mission at WRC reaches far beyond science-driven clinical care. It's personal. Our physicians are ON SITE, and only use telemedicine in situations of patient illness or Corona Virus Restrictions. We know that a personal doctor-patient relationship is essential to success!


Our physician visits are in person, with telemedicine available during the COVID-19 emergency. Seeing your doctor in person is the best way to receive care and support. Counseling is also available using telemedicine to accommodate your work schedule. As well, our DOCTORS answer telephone calls after hours. No answering service to frustrate you. 

If opioids, illicit or prescription drugs, or alcohol have taken away your life, let Winchester Recovery help you get back the life you deserve!


Healing, help, and hope.


Contact Us



PHONE: 540-450-0334

FAX: 571-206-8954




117 West Boscawen St.

Suite #206

 Winchester, Virginia 22601

If you or a loved one suffer from substance abuse disorder and are considering outpatient care, give us a call today. We can help! We can offer you and your family useful information, referrals & resources, support, and SAME WEEK Appointments!


Please call  (540)-450-0334 or email us directly at  WinchesterHelp@gmail.com to schedule. 

​At Winchester Recovery, we save & improve the lives of remarkable people suffering from substance abuse disorders.


No judgment.

No stigma.

Just help and support.


Just good people practicing—and receiving—good medicine and best practices, driven by science. We work hard to maintain a compassionate, personalized health care culture founded in ethics, excellence, and effective treatment plans.


Questions? Inquire directly below! We will get back to you quickly.

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