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About Us

Winchester Recovery is an outpatient opioid addiction treatment center located in the heart of Winchester, Virginia.


We provide patients with exceptional integrated medical care, delivered by world-class physicians, DATA 2000 waivered at the highest level permitted by law. Our elite team of Physicians, Public Health Professionals, and Health Care Personnel are dedicated to critical issues facing our patients.

Our overarching philosophy and mission at WRC reaches far beyond science-driven clinical care. It's personal. Our physicians are ON SITE, and only use telemedicine in situations of patient illness or Corona Virus Restrictions. We know that a personal doctor-patient relationship is essential to success!


Our physician visits are in person, with telemedicine available during the COVID-19 emergency. Seeing your doctor in person is the best way to receive care and support. Counseling is also available using telemedicine to accommodate your work schedule. As well, our DOCTORS answer telephone calls after hours. No answering service to frustrate you. 

If opioids, illicit or prescription drugs, or alcohol have taken away your life, let Winchester Recovery help you get back the life you deserve!


Healing, help, and hope.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Treatment Options


We’re here to restore patients’ health and hope for the future.

We do so by offering patients a variety of specialty medical, personal, and psychological tools and resources, as well as medication assistance for optimum safety and management.

Optional & Complimentary

These services are entirely optional and complimentary.


At WRC, we do not believe in rushing, pressuring, or pushing patients to partake in activities or services they do not wish to receive or are not ready to receive.


We do, however, value honesty and transparency. It is up to us as health care providers to discuss patients’ options & highlight available resources, internally and externally!


Our unique approach not only differentiates us from other business-owned centers, it is an essential part of what makes us, and you, successful.


We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help patients facilitate positive life changes, maintain sobriety, and allow proper neurologic healing.

Medication Assisted

The MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Program's primary treatment medication is Buprenoprphine/Naloxone.


This is the standard medication used in treating Opioid Use Disorder. State and Federal regulations prohibit the use of Buprenorphine alone (Subutex) EXCEPT in pregnancy and in cases of DOCUMENTED Naloxone allergy.


Opioid treatment is designed to help the body wean itself off the drug and return to a normal state, while the patient works on recovering from the neurological and psychological effects of the addiction.

Research shows that you need up to one or two full years of steady treatment with Buprenophine to restore your normal brain chemistry – trying to wean or stop too early only leads to relapse and frustration.


At Winchester Recovery we will help you stabilize and normalize, then wean properly and successfully so that you avoid relapse. 

Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT )

To help people recover from opioid use disorders, the OBOT (Office based opioid treatment) program offers a comprehensive care approach by providing prescription medications (Suboxone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, or Vivitrol) in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies.


These medications work by providing relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms while reducing cravings for continued opioid use. They also block any effect of concurrent opioid use, helping to keep our patients safe and healthy while they are recovering.


The science is clear – patients in treatment are safer, healthier, more productive, and have better relationships!

Contact Us



PHONE: 540-450-0334

FAX: 571-206-8954




117 West Boscawen St.

Suite #206

 Winchester, Virginia 22601


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If you or a loved one suffer from substance abuse disorder and are considering outpatient care, give us a call today. We can help! We can offer you and your family useful information, referrals & resources, support, and SAME WEEK Appointments!


Please call  (540)-450-0334 or email us directly at to schedule. 

​At Winchester Recovery, we save & improve the lives of remarkable people suffering from substance abuse disorders.


No judgment.

No stigma.

Just help and support.


Just good people practicing—and receiving—good medicine and best practices, driven by science. We work hard to maintain a compassionate, personalized health care culture founded in ethics, excellence, and effective treatment plans.


Questions? Inquire directly below! We will get back to you quickly.

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